10 Restaurants Worth Discovering in Madrid

10 Restaurants Worth Discovering in Madrid

1. Club Matador

Club Matador is a project conceived and driven by its members, people with similar intellectual and artistic interests and eager to be a part of a unique and different project. 

2. KUOCO 360º FOOD (Of it. cuoco, meaning cook/chef)

Like its name, it is the home of a cook without borders, which every day brings us author creations of the 360º degrees of the planet.

3. Zenith Brunch & Cocktails 

Featured by Trip Advisor as one of the most instagrammable restaurants in the world,and dubbed by the national and international press as “THE GOD OF THE BRUNCH” ,Zenith is a All Day, Everyday Brunch place! A modern, avant-garde space with an industrial look and full of original, healthy options including vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Classics like French Toast, Banana Bread or Eggs Benedict. And many more specialties like Bagels, Brazilian Açaí, Tapiocas, Shakshuka, Smoothie Bowls & Salad Bowls, our famous Pancakes!!! These are some dishes you can find at Zenith!!

4. La Parra

History, tradition, charm, Seville, London, Madrid and above all good gastronomy is what is hidden among the tiles that adorn the walls of La Parra. A restaurant located on Monte Esquinza street whose façade does not reveal an iota of everything that it keeps inside.

An unprecedented mix between the depths of Seville and the most bohemian of England, is the pairing that this restaurant offers to all its guests. A kind of "Spanglish" that we Madrilenians love. But the best is hidden among its stoves, which were born as a result of a love given during World War II between the patios of lights of an Andalusian neighborhood.

Brian Walmsley, an English actor, managed to conquer Teresa Pérez de Guzmán through his lovemaking arts. Together they decide to climb the vine and open their first restaurant in a town in Malaga. Later they took the risk of opening an establishment in London where there was no shortage of crazy meals and curious diners, belonging to the elite of the time. They returned to Seville in the 70s and it was at that time when Ginés met Tessa, the married couple's daughter, and together they inaugurated the La Parra we are talking about in Madrid today.

This happened thirty-six years ago, since then the couple together with their daughters have been growing and offering quality meals to everyone who visits them, including high representatives of social, political and cultural life. With a personal style, this family seeks that all its clients, many of them regulars, live unique experiences and let themselves be carried away around a world full of nuances and flavors.

5. Shinatora Ya

Kobe & Wagyu beef specialist Jay Joden had a dream. This dream was to share his unique top quality treasure, with the rest of the world.

What better place to start than the city of all cities, New York.

It was there where he would meet a man that would change his life forever. Driven by his spirit and scintillating personality he began to mix with the celebrities from the Upper East Side, Madison Avenue, Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue, that makes the city so distinctive.

This is how he came to meet the man that would became his american brother, Bobby Sinatra, the son of the one and only Frank Sinatra.

One night out on the town Bobby brought him to the famous Club 21 at 52nd Street. As they made there way through the crowd, seated at their table was Frank Sinatra, sipping his favorite drink Jack Daniels.

It was at that moment that Bobby told his father “I want you to meet Jay, my new brother and your new son” and Frank Sinatra opened a bottle of Chateau Petrus to celebrate, the first of many that they would share together.

Over the many years Frank Sinatra treated him like a son and he was his mentor. He shared his views and attitudes about life and towards people. Most importantly, he stressed to Jay that one of his rules towards life was to make others happy, share your passion and joy of work with everyone.

This attitude carries over to his passion and tender loving care to his cattle and the people who raise them. The cattle are looked after at all his ranches in Japan as if they were family. From the moment they are born, personalized attention is given 24 hours a day.

Surrounding them in a stress free environment with daily massages, organic food and always classic music and Frank Sinatra’s songs.

The result is an incomparable product and exquisite taste, that is unrivaled.

One day in may of 1998 Bobby Sinatra called Jay. “Blue eyes” left to be with his equal, God.

Frank Sinatra was everything to Jay and after he died he was heartbroken.

He decided to move to London where he would open Tokyo Sukiyaki Tei in Chelsea, one of the top premier restaurants in the city and many restaurants around the world, but it was not until he came to Madrid that he found his place in the world.

The Salamanca district and Retiro Park make him feel like being back in New York City and he decided to open a new and exclusive concept, ShinatoraYa, the best new Kobe & Wagyu beef Japanese Restaurant in Spain.

Come and enjoy your time here and toast to living life at its fullest, just like “Old Blue Eyes” would want you to do.

6. Claroscuro

A gastronomic experience dedicated to the delight of the senses; a space that appeals to the play of light and shadow as a creator of atmospheric volumes; a unique corner in Madrid where you can enjoy and be passionate around the table: welcome to Claroscuro.

Our philosophy is very simple. It consists of displaying all the evocative power of the best culinary traditions in the world adapted to modernity, without thereby losing the classic ways or the primacy of the product as a fundamental value

That is the sole mission of the entire Claroscuro team, to search here and there, in every corner of the world, for those flavors and notes of cuisine that, in their exact balance, allow our clients to be transported beyond their routine. habitual, with the desire as well as wanting to convey the joy of sharing it.

7. Cafe Comercial 

Café Comercial does not need many presentations, its 130 years of history speak for themselves. The most emblematic neighbor of the capital reopens its doors with a gastronomic offer that recovers the traditional flavor and adapts to each of the moments of the day. Two different menus, that of the restaurant and that of the bar, but with the same motto, the return to Madrid roots and Market cuisine.

Café Comercial, a place of reference for artists and writers of all decades, maintains its great commitment to culture. The Commercial Café accompanies you throughout the day, you can start having breakfast our typical chocolate with churros, eat our Bacalao al pil pil on confit ratatouille and end the night enjoying our varied cocktail menu.

8. Don Lay

In 2002, the Don Lay restaurant was born in Madrid's Paseo de Extremadura. A project that Nieves Ye devised and developed together with his father in order to offer in Madrid a place where you can enjoy authentic Chinese food, not only aimed at those in the Chinatown of the Spanish capital but also very well received by the western public.

After several years of closure, Don Lay returns, renewed and improved. With a large space in the Barrio de Salamanca, the restaurant raises its standards in all aspects while maintaining the essence of traditional Cantonese cuisine for which it has always stood out. Curious and lovers will be able to enjoy this proposal in two very different environments that, together, make Don Lay a benchmark of Chinese haute cuisine in the city.

9. El Cisne Azul 

After forty years delighting mycology lovers in our little tavern on Calle Gravina 19, Cisne azul grows and increases its space in Gravina 27.

In the fall of 2013 the new restaurant was born that tries to continue with the traditions and customs of its namesake, expanding the space and comfort.

The base as always bet on the best raw material where wild mushrooms, meats and cheeses make up a large part of the menu all washed down with first class wines.

10. LUKE Restaurante - Luke Jang

Born in 1983 in Seoul, South Korea, Luke Jang's passion for cooking had humble beginnings, peeling onions at a Chinese restaurant in his neighborhood. This motivated him to study Korean cuisine and, later, to specialize in French cuisine, thus obtaining the titles of Korean, French and Chinese cuisine.

With this he obtained recognitions such as the first prize in the national cooking competition in the category of high school students, the prize for excellence in a national university competition, and medals in competitions of the military service kitchen department.

His drive for constant learning in the culinary world led him to leave Korea and move first to Australia, where he worked in a slaughterhouse called Meat Factory, and finally, to Spain, where he had the opportunity to do internships under the orders of Ferran Adrià in elBulli and, after this solid training, came to the kitchen of Mugaritz.

Both restaurants left their mark on his personal culinary style and this is what he now wants to convey through the Korean cuisine of his own restaurant.


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