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Magneto Mesh Magnetic Fly Curtain

€9,50 - €9,50
€9,50 - €9,50
Colour: Flowers

The incredible Magneto Mesh magnetic fly curtain is the best way to enjoy fresh air without annoying insects! This door fly screen is very easy to install and use. Magneto Mesh has a central opening and has been designed in light mesh fabric that prevents insects from entering (flies, mosquitoes, wasps...), but allows the light to pass. This magnetic fly curtain is very comfortable for people and pets to go through thanks to its quick opening and automatic magnetic closing (with built-in magnets on the edges). It's ideal for any kind of house or appartment, especially for houses with garden, near the beach or in the countryside.

Magneto Mesh is perfect for courtyard doors, sliding doors, front doors, back doors, balcony doors, tents, etc., as it can be adjusted and adapted to different heights and widths, and to all kinds of doors. It can be easily removed and installed on a different door.

Measurements of each curtain panel: height approx. 209 cm x width 49.5 cm

The Magneto Mesh pack includes:

  • 2 curtain panels with 9 magnets each
  • 12 hook-and-loop fastener straps (not damaging for door frames)
  • 21 tacks (optional to provide reinforcement)