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Set of Kitchen Knives and Stand InnovaGoods (5 pcs)

€35,70 - €35,70
€35,70 - €35,70
Colour: Black

If you love to get your hands on innovative products and to surprise everyone with original and cutting-edge designs, the Vudú Knives knife holder & knife set (5 pieces) is a must for your kitchen. This is a high-quality set of knives with stainless steel blades and handles. It's extremely practical for keeping knives organised and to hand. The Vudú Knives knife holder is made of ABS plastic (40 x 25 cm) and has integrated plastic covers so that the blades are not in the open, thus preventing possible cuts.

  • Kitchen knife (approx. 33 cm)
  • Meat knife (approx. 33 cm)
  • Bread knife (approx. 33 cm)
  • Universal knife (approx. 23 cm)
  • Peeling knife (approx. 20 cm)

(The dimensions given include the handles)