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Earn Uber Rewards with your purchase!
Earn Uber Rewards with your purchase!

About Us

Welcome to the first on-the-go retail and media channel!

Our vision is to commercialise the urban transport economy beyond trips through retail, entertainment and media.

Hangry is building the on-the-go marketplace in urban transport. One universal retail, entertainment and media marketplace allowing brands to ride with their target audience...on their smartphone.

For Riders

For Brands

We provide brands with a new high traffic distribution and media marketplace to sell their products on-the-go.

Brands are always looking for new innovative ways to engage urban audiences and drive incremental sales.

As we take more and more rides, and eventually once autonomous cars drive us around, the purpose of urban transport will transform. The space once centred on getting us from point A to point B is becoming another portal to engage customers.

Distribution Channel

Sell products on-the-go

Sampling Channel

Test new products, flavours and pricing.

Media Channel

Engage riders for 15 minutes in-car and re-engage them after. Or Use Rideshare OOH to penetrate every part of the city.


Gain meaningful actionable insights that drive marketing. We provide transactional, audience and engagement data that is not provided by other retail channels

Brand Partners


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For Riders

To discover the city, access in-ride entertainment, shop on-the-go during your trip

For Brands

To sell products in a high traffic marketplace

For Transport Channels

To enhance the rider experience and commercialise urban transport beyond trips