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Hangry Rewards

Get free Uber rides!

Welcome to airmiles in urban transport!

If you travel around in urban transport regularly then you should get free rides as rewards. 

Forget airmiles, Hangry is giving away free Uber rides, and soon we’ll add free train and bus rides too.

How does it work?

  • You can accumulate Hangry rewards and earn free rides by purchasing the featured product each week, present on the product page as displayed in the image below.

  • At the check out you will see the Uber ride present and you must click "Add to Cart" to add it to your basket for free, if you haven't done so already. 

  • Once you have checked out you will receive a link. Click it and it will automatically be added to your Uber credit.

Stay tuned!

Every week we will add new ways to earn free rides to make sure to scan the QR code every time you are transiting around the city.