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The Gourmen Club Recommends

"Our Monthly selection of the Top 10 places to try this month in Madrid."

1. marmitón bistro

marmitón is a kitchen and table bistro, a place where you can discover new flavors and a space where you can do it together with the best company. We recover classic recipes and apply our knowledge to it, to surprise in each dish and offer a unique experience.

We vary the menu often, since we work with seasonal products of the highest quality and as close as possible. We bet on traditional preservation techniques such as fermentation, pickling or smoking to add other nuances to our dishes.

2. Triciclo

"The restaurant we would like to eat at"

From the beginning there was a clear idea, they wanted to open “the restaurant we would like to eat at”. For this, each one would contribute their grain of sand and their knowledge and culinary preferences, without a doubt there would be a lot of product, funds, stews, sauces and flavors of a lifetime, dishes that take you to your grandmother's sofa or to a table in a small tavern from the north of Spain ...

Above all, they wanted there to be a kitchen, the real one, in which pots are moved, meats spend almost entire days in the oven and the freshest and most seasonal products arrive daily so that based on them, they elaborated not only the menu that of course, it would be seasonal, but several suggestions that will change daily.

Like its name, it is the home of a cook without borders, which every day brings us author creations of the 360º degrees of the planet.

3. Bugao

Hugo Ruiz: Bugao's Chef

His gastronomic training begins with his entry into the Seville School of Hospitality in 2006, where he will remain for the next three years, completing his training and doing internships in various renowned restaurants.

His career began in 2007 at the restaurant "El Higuerón" (Benalmádena). In 2008 he was part of the “Casa Gerardo” team, awarded a Michelin Star under the command of Marcos Morán (Prendes, Gijón). In 2009 it was part of the prestigious restaurant “Calima” (Marbella, Malaga), awarded with two Michelin Stars and directed by chef Dani García. Hugo continues his demanding training at the restaurant "Café de Paris" (Malaga), awarded with a Michelin Star, at the command of chef José Carlos García and ends this entire journey where he began, in Seville, in 2006, at the " Taberna del Alabardero ”.

After all this time, his childhood dream was fulfilled with the opening of the “Bugao” restaurant, an establishment run by a young chef with a personal philosophy of cooking.

After 10 years of work, and thanks to all our clients, friends and Bugao staff, for several years we have managed to be a restaurant with a red mark in the Michelin Guide and now, in 2020, with a SOL in the Repsol Guide, Bugao Restaurant places Ceuta on the high-level gastronomic map.


4. Mune

A gastronomic journey through the rich and colorful Lebanese cuisine. Salads, hot and cold starters, main dishes with different ways of cooking and rich desserts. Get ready to live an authentic experience!

5. Leña

Leña is elegance, know-how and technique. Innovation and revolution in a world that has hardly experienced changes in Spain. It opens the way to a new universe that surrounds you in the world of Dani García's embers in the best flavors and products.

Dani García's embers come to Madrid to continue revolutionizing the world of steakhouses in order to make diners enjoy unique flavors. Leña is considered one of the grills that breaks all stereotypes and that combines innovation, tradition and product in the best way.

6. Bar Manero

Bar Manero “Claudio Coello” is the new boutique bar or tavern, where you can enjoy gastronomy based on traditional Spanish tapas with a gourmet twist and a great selection of wines by the glass, vermouth and cocktails. A highly sophisticated and attractive space based on the decoration of the best bars in Europe at the beginning of the 20th century. 

7. Gioia

We invite you to share the dream of our lives, Gioia. To sit at the table in our house, in the heart of Chueca, to drink a good wine, to laugh and, above all, to close your eyes and savor the reinterpreted Italian cuisine of our chef, Davide Bonato. We invite you to savor our Italy: authentic, essential, but always avant-garde.

8. Brasserie Lafayette

This is our story…

We could say that a piece -très petit- of our history begins in 1757, when the one who will be a key figure in the US War of Independence and the French Revolution was born: General LaFayette, a name with tradition and history. Like Madrid, the city that welcomes us.

We like to say that LaFayette is a French brasserie not only for French people, because we love our Gallic cuisine but we are in love with this city and the people who live here.

What is LaFayette like?

LaFayette is a kaleidoscope of disparate sensations that magically… "wow!" They fit together creating something wonderful. LaFayette is a magnifique in every bite, a “macnific” for friends, a toast with smiles in the background or a merci with a cane accent when we say goodbye.

We opened our doors in 2018 with Sebastien Leparoux, our particular General LaFayette, being the soul of the room and the kitchen. He wants to offer the best classical cuisine in the world, French, and we have told him that it is okay, perfect, but don't go overboard with à la française either.

In the end, this is Madrid.


9. AskuaBarra

Askuabarra is a restaurant located in the center of Madrid that follows in the footsteps of the Valencian restaurant Askua, open since 1994 under the direction of Ricardo Gadea. Next to the Prado Museum or Gran Vía, the sons of Ricardo, Nacho and Jorge, who are in charge of running this place with a modern atmosphere and personality. Offering the best product is, without a doubt, the standard of Askuabarra, so they have the best suppliers on the market to achieve the best quality in their products and recipes.


10. Kappo

 Kappo is the epicenter of the purest traditional Japanese cuisine in Madrid. With a bar made to measure based on the chef's specifications, it allows a dialogue with the diner, which is part of the menu-making process. Chef Mario Payán prepares each of the dishes live creating a close atmosphere,

clean and welcoming.

Kappo is divided into two zones: a bar available for 12 people and a dining room with 6 tables including a reserved area.